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Best Sports Stitches was started in an extra bedroom in the house of Dave and Sandy Best. Before long it was clear that they had to have more space and a storefront location so a store was bought. Before long the one six needle machine was not enough for the orders so a second machine was purchased. 19 years later we hav0000-e nine heads. We strive on customer relations and keeping up on the latest fashions. Our motto is " We can do just one." If you want to see your idea before you purchase a large size order we can do that or if you want just a single garment for a special person, we can also do that.
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Our goal is to have your logo look as good as it can look and to do that we have an excellent group of girls that digitize our custom logos for us. We do not feel we have the time or the knowledge to digitize as well as someone who does it day in and day out. We let the "pros" do that for us. Their turnaround time as been as quick as one day. If you have a logo you want on your shirt or jacket, we can have that done.

We specialize in t-shirts, golf shirts, sweat shirts (hoodies and crew), caps, hats, scarfs, beenies and stocking caps, letterman jackets, corporate jackets, teamwear. We also do baby quilts and wedding throws for that special couple on their special day. We do grandma and grandpa shirts with different sayings and designs fit for that special person.


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  • P.O. Box 235
  • 2385 Columbiana Road
  • New Springfield
  • Ohio - 44443
  • Primary : 330-549-2944
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